Unwanted Stranger By; SUE

It all started with recurring abdominal pains she would have. These pains became more frequent and intense over a few months. Next, hairs started pulling. 

Countless trips to the Doctor and a scan was conducted.

The day of the scan, I hung around the lab. At first the techs were very chatty among themselves. Then Stark silence, as if a tomb door had been shut. Cancer had arrived uninvited again…

Cancer became threatening and the hospital bed became a home. I came in that Saturday and there she was, lying in the big bed. White as the sheets that covered her small frail body. Tubes and wires everywhere. she looked as beautiful as the sun when rising and my heart leaped up. I smiled and she gave a warm smile in return. Her first words were

“Hey baby, you look happier today. Do you now have a boyfriend? ”
But I wasn’t listening. My heart was beating really fast. She could finally speak, not so clearly yet but she could speak. At least there was hope. Or so I thought. 

I rushed to her side, kissed her forehead and gave her a food I took time to prepare. 

With my mouth in an ‘O’ position, I watched her eat. She looked like she was ready to be discharged. The fears in my heart gave way to joy as tears flowed from my eyes. 

“I love the fact that you are improving now. It means I can now go and concentrate on my exams while you recuperate. I haven’t been writing well as a result of my fears” I said through tears. 

“I also think it’s time to concentrate on your studies my dear. I can get through from here.”

That was reassuring enough. I went back to school after spending one more hour. 

At church meetings that same day, i got that call that said my best friend had taken her rest. While I was fulfilled that I was the last person she saw and spoke to, i couldn’t help but remember that cancer had prevailed AGAIN.



And would continue prevailing if we do nothing to fight it. 

Let the battle lines be drawn… 

With Medical innovations, we would be able to finally send cancer to its own grave, before it send us to ours.


Sourced By;  Stephanie Uche Ezeonye (SUE) 


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