Vehicle Specially Made For Lagos Traffic (See Photos) 

Imagine a city like Lagos where traffic is a norm there, its only in Lagos you can spend 12 hours in a traffic and more. Torrot may be the answer after all, not only is it classy, but also unique in the sense that it has some safety elements for the driver and his passenger
Small and busy streets wouldn’t stop you from cruising around the city with Torrot Velocípedo. It’s a conceptual all-electric three-wheeled vehicle that features agility just like a motorcycle yet with a safety like a car. Designed as an interconnected vehicle, Velocípedo aims to revolutionize personal urban mobility as we know it today. Featuring two front wheels and upper dome, this unit is designed with comfort and safety in mind, you can drive around the city with agility while emitting zero contaminated emissions. It’s an ideal alternative to combustion vehicles.

There are a three-point belt system and seats with full back support, making rider safe and comfortable when riding Torrot Velocípedo. The lightweight construction makes it ideal for both women and men, it’s practical and easy to use, while the user interface systems make it as one of the most technologically advanced vehicles in its category.


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