Was Your Christmas As God As This?

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Was Your Christmas As God As This?

CHRISTMAS could be a pain at times. So could be the other holidays that follow. But, last Christmas, a couple of ladies got so lucky that they were hugging their pillows with dirty smiles on their faces while their husbands snored contentedly by their sides! Hope, a self-employed lawyer was the luckiest. Her three children had conspired to stay put in good old Britain  for Christmas. “I was a bit disappointed,” she said’’especially since it was their turn to visit. We always have alternate Christmases with them with the understanding they come over the next Christmas. But, they are grown now – Scarcely the type of children to keep dangling, from your apron string. As if that wasn’t bad enough, my husband  had to travel abroad for a holiday cum annual meeting of the Lodge he belonged to. In fairness to him, he’d  arranged that ages ago, and it wouldn’t now be fair to make him feel guilty for leaving me all to my lonesome self during Christmas and the New Year. But I was determined to make the most of my freedom.


“So, when a first cousin of whom I’m really fond of invited me to Ghana for a week holiday, I jumped at the chance. My husband was relieved that I wouldn’t be alone. Carol, my cousin, had filled me in on the fund-packed week we were to spend in Ghana. A  couple of diplomats were having a fancy-dress party. That was the highlight of the holiday. Hotel rooms had already been arranged for everybody. Yummy!

“We took Carol’s car instead of flying. Luckily, her driver was free to come with us as we also wanted to be mobile through the one week we would spend. As soon as we took off, we slotted in some CDs and soon got in the festive mood. When we got to our destination we were both given a chalet to share, and after unpacking and freshening up, we joined some of the guests at the bar. It was then I spotted this dark handsome man with an ‘I’m game for anything’, smile on his face. After mingling and slurping some sparkly, we were all relaxed. I chatted with Mr. Handsome who told me his name was Mick, a diplomat from one of the neighbouring countries. His wife couldn’t make it, he said, because she was expecting their third child. Poor wife. Lucky me?

“Come Christmas eve, which was the night of the party, I was like a school girl on her first date. Mick has called after our chance meeting and said he was looking forward to seeing me again at the party. I had on a long dress with an Abba skull cap and Mick was in his native get-up. After a round of drinks, we all relaxed and the party was on its way. Carol had disappeared with her own ‘bit on the side’, crafty girl, leaving me alone with Mick. He looked more relaxed and when a hot number came on, we hit the dance floor- bumping and grinding away like excited teenagers. The front zip on my fancy dress came down from the energetic dancing and Mick’s eyes nearly popped out when he saw my cleavage. Before mid-night, I was really tipsy, Mick grabbed me round the waist as we did a slow number then kissed me. He then inched me to the balcony and since our chalet was close, we decided to go there.

“We were like rabid dogs as soon as I shut the door. As we went for each other, Mick was eager to see the rest of my boobs. When he did, he went on his knees in awe and was lost! Within minutes, the tiny chalet bed squeaked and groaned as we made love. It was a mind-blowing experience, I tell you. I was alone and fancy free – nobody’s wife and certainly no one’s mother! As his mouth worked down my body we made love all over again, before hurriedly dressing and heading back to the party with all innocence as if nothing happened.

“I felt really exhilarated and thrilled. Carol was laughing flirtatiously at her find and gave me a wicked thumbs-up when we came back. After the party, Mick and I got together a  couple more times and his going away present to me was quite touching. We got each other’s details of course. Who knows when the next chance meeting would be? Came the time to go, I felt rejuvenated and happy to be going home to my normal life. My one-week away had been about excitement, about stepping outside my ordinary world. Trysts like this have always been such tonic for my marriage. I don’t question what my husband does and he too pretends he has no idea what I’m up to. I feel so satisfied from my occasional sex jaunts that I go home a more happy and loving wife…”



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