What’s The Best Payback You Ever Gave? 



Yeah, we all know karma is a bitch but sometimes we like to handle poo ourselves.I’ll shoot first. There was this lady I tried running her package sometime ago. Slightly endowed behind but face was just there. She was kind of quiet too. She worked a small a detailed at shoprite (that wasn’t where i met her though but I need to state it).

Long story short this girl showed me fire. I wasn’t a sucker at this game but this girl was trying to play with my senses. She has a boyfriend, she’ll take me as a friend bla bla.She can’t date me but wanted to spend my money. Talk of friendzoning.

The final straw came after she repeated this deed a third time. We planned on hanging out that evening and after driving over 30km from my place to pick her at work, she hops in and say she she’s tired, I should drive her home. Her home was just about 2km away from Shoprite. I was mad and I didn’t call again but my mind wanted revenge. 

Who the hell does she think she’s is anyway 
So about 3 weeks later, I called up a friend, big massively endowed and curvy girl who wanted something serious but I wasn’t down. We hooked up and went shopping, where else If not shoprite. 

All eyes were on usher. We packed the trolley full and madam was all over me. Lol. I saved the Personal healthcare aisle for last. Didn’t take long before I sighted the ugly biatch, walking up and down and sweating and dancing like popcorn in frying pan.

I looked in her general direction but I acted like I didn’t see her. I only looked over her head like Shebs no dey dere. I could see defeat in her eyes.

We checked out and that was it.

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