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Where Do You Look? BY …Chukwuneta Obiageli

Where Do You Look? BY …Chukwuneta Obiageli

I have told this story before.
A lady that I lent my support to, during her search for ‘Mr. Right’.
Two things jumped at me in her ‘preference’.
An older man.
And one who lives abroad.
…eventhough, she is quick to add ‘a good man’.
To cut the long story short.
Older men…she found.
They also live abroad.
But her EXPERIENCE is loaded with lessons.
The first guy (in the US)…promised her a wedding on a boat cruise.
That year, she specifically made the US her destination…for vacation.
She tracked our man down but guess what?
He was actually living in a SHELTER.
That is, he is literally homeless in the U.S.!
The second man…
That one she found ‘manageable’…even though he is widowed with four kids.
The first day she spent with the family…our man collected $100 from her for grocery shopping.
Then, came the man’s response to WHY NOT.
Contemptible stuff that I can’t put down- here.
Yet, if placed side by side…it is safe to say that she is even SETTLING FOR LESS-by looking at him.
In all these…
My major response to her ordeals remained the same.
A constant reminder of the young man she described thus-‘’even the cheap shirt he was wearing sef’’… to me
After sniding about the kind of car he drove to their ‘meeting’ venue.
I say…
If people who ended up with diamond (while chasing silver) concluded based on outward appearances,
Most will not end up in their enviable heights of today.
An eye opener from my life’s journey…
*Answers don’t always come from where you look.
*Learn to keep an open mind
May this guide your relationship choices…
… the humility and patience to have a second look…even when the option seems unappealing.
That could be what holds your smile!
Sometime back.
A man reached out on his issues.
His one-liner ‘’Nigerian women that are as phony as a three dollar bill.’’
Yet, the length of time (10 years) he claimed his marriage ended till date- is enough for one to have moved on in earnest.
So, I took a trip to his FB wall…where a number of actresses were outdoing themselves with comments on his pictures.
Most men don’t waste time with ‘settling down’ once they meet a ‘good’ lady!
The problem is when people disguise ‘playing the field’-as ‘searching’.
If everyone that comes your way (in matters of the heart) end up developing K-LEG.
Something is either wrong with you…as a person or WHERE YOU LOOK!


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Posted by:- on October 12, 2018.

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