Where I Belong By; SUE



  ​As I stood there looking at him, eyes wide, he reached out to cup my breasts in his palms. His skin felt hot against mine and I closed my eyes with a small moan of satisfaction that turned into a gasp as his thumb flicked over my nipples. Then he released me and I opened my eyes to see him circling me- his focus so intent that I felt he was memorizing every inch of me.
   When he had circled me completely, he smiled in approval.  “You are perfect and already aroused. I like knowing that you want me touching you, stroking you. That you already crave me deep inside you.” I wanted to protest but I knew he could see the truth in my dilated eyes and those red curls between my thighs were dripping with the evidence of how turned on I was. So instead of protesting, I nodded numbly. 
 He stepped closer and though he still didn’t touch me, every cell in my body screamed in anticipation… PLEASE! PLEASE! touch me!

He started removing the last of my clothes, slowly, relinquishing every moment until I could bear it no more. 

“Oh Goodness! Kevin please!”. I couldn’t believe I was begging him aloud. He groaned at the sound of my voice and lowered me to the floor.  He undressed as fast as he could and came on to me as we intertwined in our raw passion; no longer a desire but pure need.

And I knew that this was the place I wanted to be…

Sourced by;  Stephanie Uche Ezeonye  



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