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Who Raised Them? BY …Eruobodo Lanre Oyenuga

Who Raised Them? BY …Eruobodo Lanre Oyenuga

My generation is quick to blame the younger ones for being unruly, disrespectful, lazy, dubious, visionless, etc. Eruobodo however believes that, when a child lies consistently, we must query who made it difficult for that child to say the truth?

Akindele is a Professor in UNIFE. He’s also a clergyman. Yet, Akindele and about 5 others like him, are reportedly notorious as sexual predators of female undergraduates. Girls younger than their own children?

These are the same character flaws found everywhere in Nigeria.

From; Pastor Abiodun COZA of uncommon Grace, to “Apornstule” Sule of Otobo fame, to the bleaching Pasito divorced by his wife for random infidelities. These also representing the Clergy like Akindele. To several prominent personalities in private and public offices, character flaws abound!

So, how do we expect the younger ones, who are in the majority and are; watching as someone inserts his company’s name into a State’s law as the exclusive collector of taxes, thereby looting her? How do we expect these, watching as men go against society’s well-being and elevating and institutionalising their selfish interests above society’s, to turn out when they grow up?
Would they be better than the examples we showed them?

Children become what they observe, NOT what you tell them. Once your actions do not align with your words, children copy your actions. Why? Action is the true demonstration of intent! They know and follow the truth: your actions!

So, before you condemn those younger ones, ask who brought them up? Before you point fingers at their parents and their broken homes, ask what led to these broken homes?

Why won’t homes be broken when few men sit on the commonwealth of hundreds of millions? Why won’t homes be broken when families are deliberately destroyed because some people want to make money from ransoms as we saw with Dapchi and Chibok?
When poverty kills the father, the family becomes vulnerable! Who perpetuated these poverty?

Why would a child aspire to be a Gani Fawehinmi, that died unsung, despite all his knowledge and good deeds, when he sees another Gani (Adams) who today is a formost Chief in Yoruba land from a background of thuggery? Why? What are his/her incentives?

Why would he believe in Eruobodo’s sermons of diligent work, when Dino Melaye has a garage ten times the worth of Eruobodo, from being a “politician”? Papa don’t preach, he says to himself, each time he reads Eruobodo and watches Ajekun-Iya flaunts his acquisitions.

Please be careful how you denigrate these younger ones “we” raised badly. Why? They will soon be our Boko Haram, our nemesis! They shall be doubly angry at us, for raising them useless, and still having the guts to blame them for our mistakes.


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Posted by:- on October 12, 2018.

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