Why You Have No Excuse To Be Broke As A Youth!!! 



Lately, we’ve been seeing receiving mails in our inbox and reading comments by Nigerians on forums and blogs stating that they are broke and how sad they are about it. The aim of this article is to speak to those who are dissatisfied with their financial situation. When it comes to money issues, a lot of people tend to sugar-coat words, but brace up because this is a frank talk.

If you are broke, it’s not your fault. We all get broke at some point in our lives. But if you’re continually broke, then something is wrong. The whole blame ends on your table. You can’t and shouldn’t continue to blame everyone for your financial situation. The current state of the nation and the disposition of the government shows why blame game doesn’t help.

Many opportunities surround us that it doesn’t make sense for anyone to continually lament being broke. Get this fact: we are living at a most privileged time in history because it is easier for anyone to become wealthy than ever. Yes, the population has increased but so has the opportunities! 

Think about it for a second and you will discover that many people who are wealthy today are first generation millionaires and billionaires. They built it from scratch! A major percentage of these people achieved that goal by running a business rather than hope for a white collar job (no offense to those who do white collar jobs.) So if you’re complaining while others are seriously earning, the fault is yours, really.

3 primary reasons why Nigerians don’t start businesses

For a plethora of reasons, starting a business is a great leap to financial freedom! However, many Nigerians don’t have their own businesses. There is a variety of reasons but three excuses top the list.

1. No capital

This is by the far the most popular reason why Nigerians do not own businesses. While there are many who have ideas to run businesses, there are equally many people who don’t have ideas to run a business. Yet, “no capital” is the foremost excuse on the lips of both categories of these Nigerian youths. Meanwhile, there are people who started businesses with money that wasn’t their own and another group of people engaged in businesses that didn’t require capital.

2. Unfavourable business environment

This reason is obvious as many companies are shutting down operations in Nigeria. It appears the business environment in Nigeria continues to worsen with the passing of each day. Studies from global agencies have rated Nigeria low as being favourable for business. It’s almost a miracle for start-ups to succeed in the country.

3. NO business Idea

What can be more terrible than having a business idea and no capital? It is having the needed capital and no business idea! It can be very worrisome because money lying fallow without a target is at risk of getting squandered. Lack of business idea here refers to profitable business idea that identifies opportunities and solves problems.

Could online business be the solution? 

While the above problems bedevil potential entrepreneurs, are these same problems existent in online businesses? Let’s do a quick check. 

1. Do you need a capital?

When it comes to online businesses, you need little or no capital to begin at all. For instance, if you want to start a blog, you may need to pay for your domain name and hosting. For freelancing, you need virtually no financial input to begin. What of affiliate marketing? It’s the same! The basic capital that is common to all online businesses is just your time.

2. Any worries about unfavourable business environment?

Yes, Nigeria can be very frustrating but this frustration does not extend to the internet world. Provided you engage in legitimate business online, you have no cause to worry about inventory, tax or staff. In fact, you can run your online business independent of the Nigerian economy.



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