Why you Should Set up Emergency Option on your Mobile Device – Tech Expert



With the growing security challenges happening in Nigeria, tech expert has advised Nigerians to set up their emergency option on their mobile devices.

For many people, their mobile phone is simply a way of keeping in touch with family and friends, snapping a few photos, video recording a special event or probably yours is just to make money, open trades and all that.

Whatever reason of having a smart phone, with the growing security challenges in the country, tech expert has warned users to set up their emergency option on mobile devices in case of emergency.

As a safety precaution, some people have passcodes on their phones, keeping unauthorized users off their device and can help if your device is ever lost or stolen. Because of this, your contact list is not accessible.

With the help of emergency option, someone can just reach out to your love ones in case you’re in trouble with your device without even knowing your password.

The video below explains how to set up emergency information on your mobile device for your own safety.


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