Your Greatest Strength Lies Your Greatest Weakness By:- Ugwu Kelvin

Where your greatest strength is, lies your greatest weakness as well. Lots of people seeking your fall already know this principle: to easily break into anyone, simply look out for what they love the most. If you really want to be great and remain great, Identify where your strength is and guard it, for in guarding your strength, you are guarding your weakness. 

All it will take to bring a beautiful mansion down is to identify what is holding it up. That which is holding it up is often small in size compared to the entire building, yet, that is where the strength of the building is as well as the weakness.

You know the easiest way to chase bees away? Kill the queen bee. You know the easiest way to gather bees into your hive? Get the queen bee.

The principle is the same everywhere, even the devil uses it. In fact, that is his greatest strategy. 

I will give you an example.

If you detest lies, fornication/adultery, or gossip, the question in the heart of the devil will be, where does he/she find strength? If you find strength in prayers, all it will take to bring you down is to attack your prayer life, and those things you detest will become mere stories. 

If those around the biblical Sampson had known where his strength is, they would have had no need of getting Delilah to help them. Delilah’s mission was simply based on this principle: All it will take to bring a mighty man down is to simply identify where his strength is; for where his strength is, that is where you will find his weakness. 

Where is your strength? Guard it! Hold it strong! Don’t let go!!!


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