“You’re A Very Bad Representation Of The Trans Community” Nigerian ‘Transgenders,’ Jay Boogie And Buchi Alexandra drag Bobrisky Over His Post



“You’re A Very Bad Representation Of The Trans Community” Nigerian ‘Transgenders,’ Jay Boogie And Buchi Alexandra drag Bobrisky Over His Post

Nigerian “transgenders,” Jay Boogie and Buchi Alexandra have teamed up to criticise Bobrisky after the latter threw shade at them.

Bobrisky had shared a video of his house and then mocked those trying to be like him.

He wrote: “Upcoming Bobrisky’s see my home. If them born una well, post your home. Learn from your mother. I be og for dis game.”

Jay Boogie and Buchi Alexandra then released a video in response to Bobrisky.

In the video, Jay Boogie called Bobrisky a “fool” and a “nitwit”.

“We don’t even need to tell her that we are her biggest threat. Until then b*tch, sit down and learn from your mothers,” Jay said to Bobrisky. 

Buchi added: “Choke on your saliva because we are your mothers.”

Jay and Buchi shared the video on their respective Instagram accounts and wrote:

Enough is Enough, words even fail us. I’m still in awe of perplexity and so mystified as to how Idris has still refused to be rational, sensible, courteous and mature. Call it whatever you want to call it, this is us speaking for the trans community. Idris you are reflection of what they perceive us to be. Hence, you get us mortified at every given chance that you get. The level of grace and eloquence ourselves and yourself carry has a huge disparity! And you are always threatened even with your wealth and fame.

Come down from your high horse, it’s still very low. Pride goes before a fall and you never see anything you do as wrong because your consuming ego has carried your senses away! Apparently right now you’re empty and void. Who are your upcoming bobrisky’s or who is dragging any queendom with you? Paranoia, it’s the irrational fear that something or someone is coming after you! And you have envisaged what the future holds for you with us in it and you can’t bear the heat.

Stop all the unnecessary display of tantrums and frivolities. We cnt fight the outsiders and still be having constant difficulties and issues with you a supposed we are “TRANSGENDERS” and not a cross dresser. You’re a very bad representation of the trans community and what the public ought to see us as and we are tired and pained!

Reacting, crossdresser James Brown, who has also fallen out with Bobrisky,  wrote: “Another movie is about to start.”



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