Yul Edochie’s Kids Will No Longer Be His If He Retrieves Bride Price – Journalist Explains



A Nigerian journalist Wisdom Nwedene, using the Ebonyi Tradition, explains why Yul Edochie might lose his children if he retrieves the bride price of his Ebonyi-born first wife, May Edochie.

Recall that Yul Edochie has been dragging his first wife for refusing to return his bride price despite filing to divorce from him. He had also made complaints about her refusal to drop his name.

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A journalist on Facebook took to the platform to epxlain the reason why Yul Edochie’s three kids will cease to be his when he does retrieve it.

According to Wisdom, Nwedene, in the Ebonyi Tradition, a man loses his kids to his wife when he chooses to retrieve the bride price that he has paid to marry her.

However, if he chooses not to continue the marriage without retrieving the bride price, the kids will remain his.

He wrote:

“Anyone close to Yul Edochie should tell him that in Ebonyi State, once Family members return bride price, the children is no longer his own.”
“And any man that comes to marry May will automatically own his children. That’s the traditional in Ebonyi State and he should trend with caution except he doesn’t want the children he had with may.

Before You Argue Blindly, This Is How It Done Traditional In Ebonyi State Where Yul Edochie Married His First Wife, May From
If the man, that’s Yul Edochie should carry his wife back to her parents house and tell her people that he’s no longer marring again without taking any bride price from them. Then the children will become his, but if he takes the bride price back. The children won’t become his own again.
Because the money is for the replacement of the children. And if another man should pay bride price on May, he will be the owner of Yul Edochie’s children.
Remember, before you argue blindly make inquiries. This is not Court matter.”

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