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[STORY]:- 3 Days of Horrors & Testimonies (The kidnap of my Dad) PART 5 BY …CHICHI ERIOBU


.Before the stranger called again, my Mum’s call came through. As I saw her calls, my heart beat increased. I was scared. Has she heard? Who told her nah? Did my brothers betray our agreement not to tell her that her husband has been kidnapped/missing for 3days now, under my watch?

As I picked her call, She said “someone called you 30minutes ago, and you said you’ll call back, you never did”. I said, “sorry Mum, I was attending to some people. Can I call you back shortly? I didn’t wait for her to respond, I hung up.

I didn’t call any of them back; the stranger that called earlier, and my Mum.

Another 30minutes, same stranger called. Before I could explain why I didn’t call back as I promised, he asked me “where’s your Dad? I said, “He’s here in Lagos with me, he came for a program.

He said “Are you sure? I answered “Yes sir”. And then I asked him, “who are you please? He answered “I’m the parish priest of the Church where your parents worship”.

He continued. “I got a call from, a young man in Lagos, saying, he picked up your Dad somewhere in Lagos”. I shouted “WHAT???

I first of all asked him if my Mum is aware of what’s happening. He said “No”. That, in fact, he had to step out from where she is to take the call. He said, when he got the call from Lagos, he went to my house to enquire of my Dad, but didn’t make it look like he knew anything.

He said, a young man called him and asked him whether he knew my Dad; mentioning my Dad’s name, he said, Yes. He does. The guy now went on to tell him how he picked up my Dad from an express road at Maza Maza, Festac side, Lagos. He said, the young man said we should come and identify him, and pick him up, that he has been crying. And he has just one name on his lips, Gift(Gift is my Son, anyway. My dad’s 1st grand child. He loves him so much)

As the Priest was talking on the phone, I didn’t know the tears in my eyes had begun flowing again. I also didn’t know my friends and colleagues who were close by was already standing beside me, waiting for the call to end, to hear the update.

As I ended the call, I realised my legs were wobbling, and I went on my knee before I knew it. I cried all the tears; of joy, of pain, of triumph, of victory.

And we set out to Maza Maza to identify and get him.

Remember I said in episode one that, Dad didn’t have his phone with him. That his phone had suddenly developed fault, and I was gonna go work on it that morning he went missing. Yes. Yet, there was something he had on him with which they got the phone number of the Priest and called him.

That thing was his Bible. Dad, has so many different hard copy bible, and that one; that red one was his favourite. As he stepped out that day to go eat food, he was clutching that his bible with him.

And inside that his Bible, was a Church flier of a program they had in the past in their Church, and on the flier is the number of the parish Priest.

Alright guys, I’d finish it soon. Let me attend to some mails, please. (Don’t guess the remaining details. You’d be shocked at what’s remaining)

(The final part coming up immediately please)


Click Here For Part 6  (The End)



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Posted by:- on October 12, 2018.

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