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[STORY]:- 3 Days of Horrors & Testimonies (The kidnap of my Dad) PART 6 BY …CHICHI ERIOBU


..The journey to Maza Maza, Festac was like journeying from Lagos to PH by road. The traffic was terribly annoying. It was as if we weren’t gonna get there that day. Left Ikeja at 3:43, and arriving Maza Maza at almost 6pm.

When we got close to the place we were described to come to, I called the phone number of the guy that picked up Dad, a Lady picked, and gave us the final directions. You know how it is nah: ‘when you get to so so and so junction, turn to the left, and then right, and walk straight down. In front of that blue black building, you’ll see me, I’m wearing an orange top'(not funny).

We finally met up with her, she took us to where Dad was being kept. As we came close and I sighted him, I summoned all the control in me not to cry. There was a crowd of almost 15-20 persons there. They had gathered in twos and threes discussing how “lucky” the man(Dad) was.

As he sighted me, he stood up, and we hugged. We held each other for about 5minutes in that hug, not letting go. It was as if it’s been ages. It was also as if we won’t see each other again. Dad cried into my shoulders. He subbed like a child. An ex soldier subbed like a baby. He kept asking me with tears, how Gift(my baby; his grand child). And I answered, he is fine, he is waiting for you to get home.

As I asked him, “How are you? He busted into tears. Dad was looking so tattered. His cloths very dirty. Dad, loves neatness. He loves to quote “cleanliness is next to godliness”. How then did he manage to stay with one cloth on him for 3days? I felt so broken, and sad. But very GRATEFUL to God, for this miracle.

The crowd was just watching. And I could hear all the hmmming and ehyaaas. It was a sad sight to behold.

The young man that picked him then told us how on Tuesday evening(the 2nd day he was missing), he was coming back from his shop, the bus had dropped him at the bus stop at the express. As he alighted, he saw a man lying by the road side, with a red bible. He thought he was a drunkard, and made to leave him there. He said, as he took a step to continue his walk home, he suddenly felt, ‘what if he really needed help’? And so, he turned to him, spoke Igbo to him and asked him some questions, he responded.

He said, Dad told him he was dumped off by the road side by some boys, after they had beaten him up(You could see bruises all over him). He said, they wanted to steal from him, but found no money. They wanted to keep him and demand a ransom, but there’s no way to reach his family, and so they battered him with bruises, and dumped him at the express. (Maybe to be crushed by a vehicle)

This young man, then took Dad, and checked him for anything that he could use to reach his family. He then saw his Bible, and that it was written ‘Anglican Church’. He felt a little relieved. Took Dad to the nearest Anglican Church, the priest rejected them, telling him the man might be a witch. He then got angry, and took Dad to his house.

He boiled water, and made him have a warm bath. He gave him fresh shirt to change into, while he maintained his trousers. And he gave him food.

They slept. And woke up.

Next morning, he took Dad to another Anglican Church. As God would have it, they were accepted. And the parish priest took Dad’s bible, while he flipped through it, he saw that Church flier through which they contacted my Dad’s Church parish priest. And, they contacted us.

As we were told these story, I couldn’t help but cry in my heart. I tried to stay strong for Dad. Didn’t want him to see me crying. I couldn’t stop thanking the young man and his people, and the crowd. They made this miracle possible.

They young man said to me “that God you prayed to, heard your prayers”. And I took a deep breath.

As we made to stand up, and I held Dad by the waist, he muttered a cry in pain, and the young man said again, “please, handle him with care, all his body hurts”.

They bade us goodbye. And I collected their phone numbers.

The rest is history.



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