Adalista Krista, a promising writer expresses herself with dis comic ✍(copied) 

Oya laff small


So Because The Doctor Asked You To Change Ur

Drinking Habit, U Now Drink Beer With Spoon.

You will nor kill me o

Shift lemme faint


A friend of mine asked me if I’m willing to go to

London… See question!!

who wants to stay in this Nigeria where

1. Fowls rape themselves

2. Exam questions come out before the proposed

examination date

3.You buy Suya 100 Naira and when you get home,you

realise the Aboki sold Onions 70 Naira and meat 30


4. Garri is more expensive than Noodles.. Try drinking

the Garri for 20 Days straight,Falz Glasses will be small

size compared to your own

5.You get Pirated Yoruba movie and you get home to

see Bruce Lee(Enter the Dragon Part 1)

6.Ghosts in nollywood fear cars when crossing the

Road because They don’t want to die again

If you advice me to stay in Nigeria ehn! Hmmmmmmmn

just dnt let me talk!!!!!
People are just too wicked Shaa, how can I asked my

friend to turn on his hotspot for me and he said he

has deleted it. �

Plz shift small lemme faint
When they want to play the video of your life on judgement day

and it begins with not for viewer under the age 18

Viewer’s discretion advised. . Just kuku

start strolling to hell
was struggling with my biology practical when one


queen asked, “please is earthworm a wild animal???”

Chai!!! Our lecturer has fainted, security officer has


too, we are now fainting according to our matric


ah just dey wait for my turn…



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