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Aunty Yolanda (Part II) By:- Anonymous

Aunty Yolanda (Part II) By:- Anonymous 

And that was how it started.

Little Akin innocently unleashed a legion of sexual demons in Aunty Yolanda’s hitherto reserved being, so much that it astonished even herself.

She found every opportunity to lock herself in her bedroom with the child, coaxing him to suckle on her breasts for as long as it took to send her into throes of ecstasy. Bribing him with sweets and the much sought after biscuits he loved to keep at it when he soon tired of the game.

Akin initially felt happy to do her wish; he often enviously watched his mother breastfeed his baby brother and was delighted to get the same attention from his beloved Aunty Yolanda.

What he however didn’t understand was why she began to insist he used his mouth on the other parts of her anatomy as well, with the resultant seizures that gripped her every single time he did. It scared him to watch her convulse like that, and he would cry as she pressed him harder against her body when he tried to stop.

He tried to tell his mother about it all but lacked the words to describe what Aunty Yolanda made him do. One day he quietly watched his mother finish breastfeeding his younger brother and thereafter put him in his cot without ceremony. Without convulsing or screaming aloud as his babysitter did.

“Why don’t you shake, Mummy?”, he eventually had to ask.

“Shake?”, his mother echoed in some confusion.

“You don’t shake when baby Tobi sucks breast. And you don’t let him suck your tummy too”,he tried to clarify.

His mother ignored what she assumed was a silly question and faced more important things that needed her attention.

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The next time the widow locked them up in her room he tried to back off. She froze as he mentioned that his Mum didn’t “shake” like she did when she breastfed Baby Tobi, then went into peals of laughter when his words sank in and made sense.

“Your Mummy doesn’t shake because Baby Tobi doesn’t have teeth yet”,she explained. “Besides she doesn’t love Baby Tobi as much as I love you”,she added convincingly, caressing his hair. “Don’t ask her anymore or I will stop giving you vanilla ice cream”, she warned seriously then. She knew how much Akin loved vanilla ice cream and was satisfied with the fear in his eyes inspired by her threat.

To further push forward her demands she stripped and fetched a cup of the said ice cream from her fridge, poured some on her breasts and genitals, and coyly encouraged him to lick them off her body.

Akin’s sexual abuse continued unhindered till Aunty Yolanda relocated to the North four years later. Her Father had passed on and she had to take over the family business as his sole heir.

The news of her departure was received with much shock by the community she’d lived in for over a decade, they couldn’t imagine life without her.

Akin’s parents were part of the committee that organized a lavish sendforth party for her. They happily contributed to buy her expensive Farewell gifts to show their appreciation.

Akin,by now a strapping 9 year old far wiser than his age, had mixed feelings about her departure. On one hand he was dejected as he’d grown so attached to her, and on the other he was relieved to be finally free of her madness.

For months even after she left he never summoned the courage to confide in his parents and tell them any of what she’d done to him. He could tell nobody else infact, he had no real childhood friends as Aunty Yolanda had done a thorough job occupying much of his time and thoughts.

A short while after she left he seemed to realize how truly alone he was, and soon began to show signs of depression. At school his grades began to slip, and his parents decided to hire a private home tutor for him. It didn’t help much,he eventually failed his exams and had to repeat Primary five.

He evolved into a bully at school and beat up his classmates who ostracized him,his concerned teachers cried out that he had become a monster overnight.



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