How Peter Obi’s Enemies In Igboland Were Disgraced.



How Peter Obi’s Enemies In Igboland Were Disgraced.

I was discussing with a friend today, wondering if peter obi has supernatural powers. He is not called “okwute” ( stone ) for nothing.

All those who declared themselves enemy of peter obi in the east were all disgraced.

Lets look at peter obi’s Enemies in igboland.

1) victor umeh

2) Willie Obiano

3) father mbaka

So let me give you guys a background of the war between peter obi and his Enemies.

When peter obi was rounding up as governor, he realised that Obiano’s part of Anambra had never produced governor in Anambra state. And they dont have the capacity to produce governor on their own.

So for equity and fairness, he said he will help them produce a governor.

So while he was looking for who to support, victor umeh ran to US and met Obiano. Agreed with Obiano that he would make obiano governor, while obiano makes him senator.

After 8 years as governor, he will return to Anambra as governor, while obiano goes to senate. They agreed, and victor umeh returned.

Suggested Obiano to victor and peter obi bought the idea, not knowing obiano and victor umeh already had a plan.

Now, peter obi being one of the most trusted business men in igboland, convinced Anambra billionaires to fund Obiano’s campaign. That obiano will pay them back.

They agreed and funded Obiano’s campaign. And Obiano won.

When it was time to pay back, victor umeh advised Obiano not to pay. That peter obi was no longer relevant based on their agreement.

Peter obi went back and begged them and paid installments. When peter obi realised what victor umeh had done behind his back. He told obiano to discard victor, but victor umeh now became Obiano’s godfather instead of peter obi.

So peter obi left the government for them. But vowed that victor umeh’s plan will not succeed.

So victor umeh and obiano began to squander peter obi’s savings. Enjoying and flexing the funds.

Now victor wanted to go for senate as agreed and obi used Uche Ekwunife to stop him. Obiano paid for court judgement to remove uche ekwunife, and uche ekwunife came back after the election and chased victor umeh out of the senate.

As if that was not enough, Victor umeh embarrassed soludo during campaign by mocking him.

This angered soludo and he cut victor umeh off during campaign. So victor umeh now became soludo’s silent enemy.

His career in Anambra politics has ended.

We now move to Obiano. Unlike peter obi that got Anambra billionaires to fund Obiano’s campaign. Obiano deeped his hands in the states purse to fund soludo’s campaign. The reason, EFCC caught him as he attempted to return to America on the day of hand over. Also his wife was slapped before the world and it ended in shame for himself and wife.

Now we move to father mbaka. Father mbaka tried to get peter obi to make donation for an alleged building.

Peter obi refused to call any amount, but told father mbaka to show him where he planned the building so he will know what to contribute.

Mbaka got angry and said that peter obi’s outing with Atiku would end in shame. He even told APC people that he disgraced peter obi because of APC.

Now after Atiku lost, people hailed mbaka as a peophet. Not long after Buhari government disgraced mbaka and exposed him for coming to beg for contract.

So finally. Victor umeh disgraced out of senate .Obiano disgraced out of government house. Father mbaka disgraced by the government he worked for.

Truly, OKWUTE NDI IGBO, is not just a title.




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