Linda Ikeji TV’s GIDI GIRLS reality TV show first promo clip (must watch)

Ladies and gentlemen, watch the first promo of our never-before-seen kind of TV reality show, GIDI GIRLS, featuring 5 chicks living and hustling in Lagos aka Las Gidi.

GIDI GIRLS stars 5 stunning Lagos babes, Lilian, Voney, Mercy, Precious and Eloho, who through their eyes, the world will get to know more about Las Gidi and how we rock & roll and hustle here.

The show is filled with glamour, drama, fights, a lot of love and friendship, boyfriend drama, wigs being snatched…lol, you will see how Lagos babes hustle and pursue their dreams and when its time, how they party hard.

GIDI GIRLS is coming soon on Linda Ikeji TV on Cable and online. Stay tuned! Executive producer is yours truly@officiallindaikeji. Produced by Santiago Roberts.

It’s a must watch! Coming soon on Linda Ikeji TV on cable and online.

Below is the video,


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