Nigerians Condemn APC Over N100 Million Nomination, Expression of Interest Forms



Nigerians Condemn APC Over N100 Million Nomination, Expression of Interest Forms

The All Progressives Congress has been lambasted on social media over the high cost of its presidential nomination and expression of interest forms.

Recall that the party said it will begin its sale of presidential, governorship, national and state assembly forms on Saturday.

It pegged its expression of interest and nomination forms for the presidential ticket at N100m.

However, this has not gone down well with Nigerians who said the party is all about making money from the forms and selling its presidential ticket to the highest bidder.

Nigerians who condemned the high cost, argued that it would prevent youths and disadvantaged groups from running for office.

A former media aide to ex-President, Goodluck Jonathan, Reno Omokri, asked, “How can the APC set presidential nomination forms at N100m? Is that not encouraging corruption? Who, but the corrupt, can afford that? Is that why they pardoned Dariye and Nyame, so they can sponsor forms?”

In his contribution, journalist, Adejumo Kabir, tweeted, “Buhari criticised the N27.5m levy for the presidential nomination form in 2014, describing it as exorbitant. Today he leads a party selling form for N100m. Shame on him.”

Gold Isaiah tweeted, “The APC presidential nomination is pegged at N100m. I’m not surprised because all the money they have been borrowing is in their personal accounts. Highly corrupt regime!”

Uche Jegbefume tweeted, “N100m for presidential nomination form means absolutely nothing to the fantastically corrupt people in the APC. Only the electorate and masses are perpetually poor for their political gains.”

Abubakar Mona Usman tweeted, “N100m for APC presidential nomination form? This tells you how corrupt, wicked, and inhuman the government of the day is. May God save us in 2023.”


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