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[STORY]:- 3 Days of Horrors & Testimonies (The kidnap of my Dad) Part 4 BY …CHICHI ERIOBU


…After I dropped my seed on the alter, as I stood up to leave, a certain sense of peace came to me. You may not believe it, but it was peace. And it was as if I heard Dad’s voice telling me to go home that all will be well.

And for the for the first time in over 48hours, I knew that really, all will be well. And so, I went home to my house. My friends whom I was staying with, took care of me. Served me a nice meal. I ate. And went to bed.

4am(the 3rd day). I woke up to a nudge by an unseen person. My usual wake up time is 4am though, but this one felt like someone else in my room tapped me to get up and pray. And then, I began to pray. I declared words in faith, and gave command to angels to attend to my Dad wherever he might be.

At day break, I dressed up, and left for Ikeja, the venue of the ongoing program where it all began. Everybody was excited when they saw me.

Did you get some sleep? Any news yet? Have you spoken to your family? Etc… those were the questions that greeted me that morning. And so, after I settled in, I made up my mind to do something I never did since that ordeal began; tell my family that their Father and Husband had gone missing/been kidnapped under my care.

I called my eldest brother. I told him all that transpired. And then, I told him, “don’t be afraid, we will find him. I’m only telling you to so that you can join your faith to mine”. He calmed me down, and said “God is in control. Keep me updated on the outcome of things”. I said, okay.

I called my 2nd elder brother, he lives within Lagos, but wasn’t in town at that time. He also assured me that all will be well. However, he gave me contacts of his army friend to reach her and see what she can do.

The 3 of us agree not to tell our Mum that her Husband has been missing for almost 3days.

10am, I called Alausa police station, they said “No news”. I called my SSS contact, he said “No news”.

I went in to begin whatever I had to do for the day. I was handling interviews. And my job requires me to be all smiles and encouraging to the people I was interviewing. How do I do it? They had their challenges, but at that time, I felt , mine was worse. But, I tried to keep steady in the job ahead, and deliver.

From time to time, tears would drop down my cheeks unconsciously.

12pm, NO NEWS about the whereabouts of my Dad. I kept checking time like there’s was no tomorrow.

Fast forward to 2pm, I got a call from a stranger, he was asking me the whereabout of my Dad. I didn’t answer him. I didn’t know who he was. I didn’t understand where the plenty questions he was asking was coming from. And so, I hung up, and told him, I’ll call him back…

30minites later, that stranger called back… And then, my heart began to pant.


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Posted by:- on October 12, 2018.

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