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The Dilemma Part 1 BY …Lanre Oyenuga

The Dilemma Part 1 BY …Lanre Oyenuga

Dotun has been widowed more than fifteen years and chose not to remarry.

He runs his businesses and his children are grown. The youngest is in one of the Universities abroad and others are in their chosen fields, casting out their nets in the Oceans of life.

By every standard Dotun is successful. Rich, easy-going, and what you’ll call a perfect gentleman.

One of his immediate neighbours is an older gentleman, Mr. Donald, a retired civil servant.

According to the information Mr. Donald shared with Dotun, all he now has to his name, is the bungalow he managed to build after his boss helped him secure the plot he built on within Magodo, while he was in the civil service.

Mr. Donald married late and unfortunately lost his wife, the obvious financial supporter of the family, in an unfortunate auto accident, a few years after Dotun lost his.

This sort of brought them close. So close that, many at times, Dotun took care of Mr. Donald’s family responsibilities.

Dotun it was, who saw Donald’s three children through school. The eldest being a brilliant and beautiful twenty seven year old female lawyer.

Recently, Mr. Donald made Dotun a proposal. Since Donald’s bungalow is sitting on a big plot of land, big enough to occupy 4 fully detached duplexes, he wanted Dotun to pull it down and rebuild the four duplex units: two for himself and family, and the other two for Dotun.

Really, it is a wonderful win-win offer, to which Dotun was happy to accent to.

Donald’s eldest child, Grace the lawyer, has been drawing up the agreements on this. This means she’s been visiting Dotun’s home pretty often, and most times late, after Dotun’s return from work.

This isn’t strange though. Donald and Dotun are like family. When Donald is looking for any of his children, his first port of call was Dotun’s home. They are that close.

Grace took a fondness to “Uncle Dotun” many years ago. She knew the gentleman has been the one that has helped her Dad stayed alive. At least until she began to earn some modest income as a lawyer in the civil service, barely a year ago.

She’s so sold to his good looks, and he’s so gentlemanly. Despite all he’s done for her family and living alone and her frequencies at his residence, he’s kept a disciplined mannerism.

Grace is coming to terms with the truth she’s always kept to herself. She’s in her mid-20s and gorgeously beautiful, and she’s not short of men ogling at her, but Uncle Dotun has always been her desired partner.

Getting the desired attention and actions from Uncle Dotun she’s determined to make happen. And this transaction she’s handling on the behalf of her Dad offers her the best opportunity.

She knows Uncle Dotun loves Jollof Rice and grilled chicken. That she came in early to prepare. She had called him earlier in the day, to warn him not to eat out as she’s made him his favourite meal.

This too isn’t unusual. The Donalds often take meals home from their neighbour’s. They are that close.

Dotun came in exhausted. The wiff of Grace’s meal, coming from the kitchen suddenly took half of his exhaustion away.

He poked his head through the kitchen door, and saw her bent over turning the chicken in the oven. Surprisingly, Dotun noticed how shapely Grace is from behind. This sudden awareness startled him a bit.

Dotun greeted and walked up to her to see if any of the chicken was done for a quick bite, before he dashed into the bathroom.

Grace straightened up and turned. Dotun noticed in seconds, her flawless beauty, the semi-transparent white blouse and the lacy pink bra she had underneath. His blood rushed!

Grace leapt at Uncle Dotun and gave him a welcome home hug. Both were like dogs on heat. The blood of both of them was on fire.

Dotun shclong was pushing against Grace’s well shaped and firm groin. Grace’s body was responding to Uncle Dotun like metal to magnet.

Both didn’t know how they travelled from the kitchen, to the cold leather sofa in the air-conditioned sitting room.

Grace brought out the buried youth in Dotun. His maturity and dexterity also gave her the kind of sexual pleasures she had only fantasized about until then.

By the time Dotun climaxed nearly an hour after, Grace had nearly fainted from countless orgasms. She thought Uncle Dotun was a gentleman, she never knew the man has such capacities to drive a lady to the Moon and back in sexual pleasure!

She laid on top of him afterwards. Both obviously revelling the company of the other. Thank God the oven had already timed out.

Being the older and more experienced, Dotun could see problems ahead.

Until tonight, he’d never contemplated what happened. However, after the fact, he still wanted her more. She also has said so many things to him that showed she has actually been preserving herself for him.

He felt no guilt, even as the sex had been unprotected. He knew she was going to pass the night at his place and more sessions shall follow before morning. He smiled and pulled her closer.

He gave her a kiss in the mouth. She moaned back at him and clung her body tight to his. She remarked lovingly, thanks Uncle. I want to spend the rest of my life with you.

Dotun felt somewhat happy at her comments. He rolled her over and resumed the activities.

Whatever this will bring, he’s prepared! He wanted to spend the rest of his life with her as well. They will sort out the consequences later.

(All characters herein are the author’s imagination)

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